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How to use the Snap Assist feature.

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    Snap Assist is a windows management feature that allows you to arrange open windows, including maximizing and resizing, just by dragging and dropping a window to different edges of the screen. When a window is dragged to the correct position, a ripple effect will emanate from the cursor, and you will see an animated transparent outline of the window instantly appear in its new position. As soon as you release the mouse button, the window will snap to that position.

    The Snap Assist feature will display a thumbnail list of open windows in the empty space when you snap a window into place. Click a thumbnail, and it will be snapped to the available space. Follow these steps to use the Snap Assist feature.

    1. Open multiple applications so you have various windows open on the desktop.
    2. Left click and hold the title bar of any open window and drag it to the left, top or right edge.


      • Dragging to the left or right edge will position the window on that half of the screen, while dragging to the top edge will maximize the window to the full screen.
      • Alternatively, you can use the keyboard to achieve the same effect by pressing the Windows logo + Arrow (Left, Right or Up) key combination.
    3. After you have snapped a window, the Snap Assist feature will display a thumbnail list of all the remaining open windows in the empty space.

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