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How to open and use the Windows Journal app.

    Windows Journal is a note-taking application which allows you to create and organize handwritten notes and drawings. The application supports a computer mouse or a tablet pen (or your finger) with a touchscreen computer.

    Follow these steps to start the Windows Journal app and create a new note.

    1. On the taskbar, in the Search the web and Windows field, type Windows Journal, and then click to select Windows Journal in the list of results.

      Windows Journal

      NOTE: The first time you use the Windows Journal you may see a Do you want to install the Journal Note Writer print driver? prompt. Click the Install button if you think you may want to print any of the notes you create.

      Install Print Driver?

    2. In the Windows Journal window, begin writing your note.

      Hand-written note

      NOTE: If you want to use a Windows Journal template, on the File menu, select New Note from Template, and then click to select the desired template.

      New note from template

      Windows Journal Templates