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How to enable or disable the AutoPlay feature.

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Follow these steps to enable or disable the AutoPlay feature.

  1. Click the Start Win 10 Start button button.
  2. In the Start menu, click Settings.

    Start - Settings

    NOTE: The Windows Logo + I key combination will also take you to the Settings screen.

  3. In the Settings window, click Devices.


  4. In the Devices window, on the left column, click AutoPlay.


  5. In the AutoPlay screen, under Use AutoPlay for all media and devices, click the slider bar to toggle the feature On or Off.

    Use AutoPlay for all media and devices

    NOTE: If you wish, under Choose AutoPlay defaults, for each of the drive or media types listed, click the down arrow, and then click to select the way you prefer for the AutoPlay feature to open that drive or media type.

    Choose AutoPlay defaults