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Some of the Featured Apps on an Android TV are missing

    This article is designed to assist you if any of the apps below are missing from the Featured apps category of your Android TV™:

    • Sony® Select app
    • Netflix® service
    • Amazon® Instant Video service
    • Hulu® app
    • Vudu® app
    • MLB® app
    • Pandora Internet Radio® service
    • iHeart
    • PlayStation™ Now app

    Troubleshooting steps

    1. On the supplied remote control, press the HOME button.
    2. On the HOME screen, select Apps.
    3. Under the Apps category, select Google Play Store.
    4. On the Google Play Store app, search for Android TV Launcher.
    5. On the Android TV Launcher, select Uninstall.

      Android TV App Launcher


    • When you perform a factory data reset , the Android TV will bring back all 19 apps of the Featured apps, but doing this will also reset the TV back to its default settings. You will be required to go through the initial setup of the TV, then log in using your Google™ account.
    • With some internet apps, it is also required to log in using the email account registered for the app.
    • After the initial setup, the missing apps should appear at once after the TV is powered on. To confirm whether the apps are back, you can check the Featured apps menu of the TV.
    • As a workaround, you can access the internet video and music apps through the Apps category of the Android TV.
    • If the apps are still missing, use the RDS tool to redo the troubleshooting steps above.