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Using the Touchpad Remote Control with Your Android TV

    What Does It Do?

    Don't let the sleek appearance of the Touchpad Remote Control fool you. While it doesn't appear to have a lot of colorful buttons, it is packed with functions.

    • Intuitive navigation with touchpad control
    • Just say what you want using voice search
    • Convenient control with seamless Bluetooth connectivity
    • NFC single touch compatibility for mobile device sharing,
    • One-Flick Entertainment at the control of your finger using the touchpad.
    • View picture of the touchpad remote control

    Pair the Remote Control with Your TV

    Before the Touchpad Remote Control can be used, it needs to be paired with the TV. Whether it was supplied with the TV or not will determine how you pair it. Select the appropriate link below to set up the remote.

    Note: It can be paired to only one TV at a time and is compatible only with select TVs. Check your TV manual to confirm compatibility. Manuals are posted on your model support page.

    The Touchpad Remote Control was supplied with the TV.

    The Touchpad Remote Control was purchased as an optional accessory (or it was received as a replacement).

    How Does It Work?

    The following links will help provide a better understanding of how this remote can enhance the use of your Android TV:

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