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Frequently Asked Questions About the Music Center (SongPal) App

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    This page provides FAQs about the Music Center (SongPal™) app.

    Questions Answers
    Where can I get the Music Center app and what OS versions does it require? You can download the Music Center app for free and check the compatible OS versions on the Google Play™ store website for Android™ devices, or on the App Store® website for Apple® iOS® devices.
    Can I use the Music Center app with a USB DAC player? No, you can't use the Music Center app with a USB DAC player. If you'll use a USB DAC, use a music player app that supports USB output.
    The source screen on the Music Center app doesn't open. Make sure that the Bluetooth® connection is properly established with the connected device. If you still can't access the source screen from the Device & Group screen, temporarily close the Music Center app and then re-open it.