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The external HDD is recognized in Cameras and Media in PlayMemories Home.

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If the external HDD is displayed under Camera and Media in the PlayMemories Home™ software, the external HDD cannot be assigned as the destination of the files to be imported.


If the folders with the following names are present on the external HDD, the HDD may be recognized as Cameras and Media.

  • DCIM

Folders with the file names above will be present on an external HDD used with Direct Copy. The external HDD will be recognized the same as a camera in the PlayMemories Home software, so it can be used the same way as with Camera Direct. Use it without making changes in situations such as when creating discs with Camera Direct.

NOTE: To prevent situations such as accidentally deleting data or unwanted writing of management data from the camera, you should use a separate external HDD as the location to import to with the PlayMemories Home software and as the external HDD used with Direct Copy.

When connecting an external HDD not used with Direct Copy:

  1. Update the PlayMemories Home software to the latest version.
  2. Register a folder on the external HDD.
  3. Restart the PlayMemories Home software.