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What is the BRAVIA Sync (HDMI-CEC) function and how does it work?

    The HDMI-CEC (Consumer Electronics Control) is a HDMI® standard that provides control functions between different A/V devices such as TVs, home theater systems, Blu-ray Disc™ players, A/V receiver systems, and other HDMI devices. It allows you to control CEC compatible devices with one remote control. BRAVIA Link, BRAVIA Sync, and CONTROL for HDMI are names of the HDMI-CEC feature on Sony products. Basic commands supported include:

    • Power On/Off (Device auto power off and TV auto power on)
    • Volume control
    • Device menu control
    • Basic playback functions
    • Utilize two-way audio transfer with eARC/ARC (Enhanced Audio Return Channel/Audio Return Channel) to send/receive audio between the TV and audio system (A/V Receiver or Soundbar).

    BRAVIA Sync Connections

    Here are some points to remember when connecting a BRAVIA Sync control system:

    • The HDMI-CEC standard supports:
      • 1 - TV
      • 1 - Audio system (A/V Receiver or Soundbar)
      • Up to 3 - Playback devices
      • Up to 3 - Recording devices
      • Up to 4 - Tuner devices


    • If you connect more devices than supported in a device category, errors in operation will occur.
    • Some devices connected to the TV may show as more that one device (Soundbar with Smart functions) and may appear as an audio system and a playback device.

    General classification of devices

    Consumer devices fall into the following general categories:

    • Playback devices
      • Roku® Streaming Stick®, Amazon Fire TV Stick™, and Apple TV® streaming players
      • PlayStation®, Xbox®, and Nintendo® gaming consoles
      • Blu-ray Disc and DVD players
      • Digital cameras and Camcorders
    • Recorders
      • Blu-ray Disc, DVD or DVD/HDD recorders
      • TiVo® recorders
    • Audio System
      • A/V Receivers
      • Soundbars
    • Tuners
      • DirecTV®
      • Blu-ray Disc Recorder with a TV tuner

    Note: Depending on your TV menu options, use the supplied remote to determine the device type that is connected to the HDMI ports:

    • Press HOME → Select Settings Channels & InputsHDMI SettingsDevice ListEnable
    • Press HOME → Select Settings Watching TVExternal inputsBRAVIA Sync settingsBRAVIA Sync device listEnable
    • Press ACTION MENU → Select Sync Menu Bravia Sync SettingsBRAVIA Sync device listEnable
    • Press ACTION MENU → Select Sync Menu Select connected device
    • Press Sync Menu → Select HDMI Device Selection

    If the device is HDMI-CEC compatible and connected, the category type will display.