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How can I achieve maximum volume on the portable speaker.

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This article only applies to the SRS-HG1 portable speaker.

To achieve maximum volume with the SRS-HG1:

  1. Fully charge the battery.
  2. Connect using the Bluetooth® connection rather than using Audio In.
  3. Maximize volume setting on the music player (e.g., smartphone, MP3 player), as well as on the SRS-HG1.
  4. Use the SongPal app to set the Equalization setting to OUTDOOR.
    1. Open the Songpal SETTINGS menu.
    2. Select SOUND.
    3. Select EQUALIZER.
    4. Select OUTDOOR.
      NOTE: To maintain maximum volume while using the OUTDOOR equalization, Do NOT press the EXTRABASS button. Doing so will increase the bass but reduce the overall sound level.