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Is my Android TV compatible with HDR?

    This table provides information on Android TV™ series and their HDMI ports that are High Dynamic Range (HDR) compatible.

    Model YearSeries

    HDMI Ports that supports HDR

    2K: 24p/30p/60p

    4K: 24p/30p

    4K: 60p

    XBR-65A8H XBR-55A8H
    XBR-43X800H XBR-49X800H XBR-55X800H XBR-65X800H XBR-75X800H
    XBR-55X900H XBR-65X900H XBR-75X900H XBR-85X900H
    XBR-49X950H XBR-55X950H XBR-65X950H XBR-75X950H XBR-85X950H
    KD-75Z8H KD-85Z8H XBR-75Z8H XBR-85Z8H

    All HDMI inputsAll HDMI inputs

    XBR Z9G

    XBR A9G

    XBR X950G

    XBR X850G

    All HDMI inputsAll HDMI inputs

    XBR A8G

    XBR X800G

    XBR X805G

    XBR X807G

    All HDMI inputsHDMI2/3 inputs

    XBR A9F

    XBR Z9F

    All HDMI inputsAll HDMI inputs

    KD X750F

    KD X751F

    KD X755F

    KD X757F

    KD X780F

    XBR A8F

    XBR X830F

    XBR X835F

    XBR X850F

    XBR X851F

    XBR X855F

    XBR X856F

    XBR X857F

    XBR X858F

    XBR X900F

    XBR X905F

    XBR X907F

    All HDMI inputsHDMI2/3 inputs


    XBR A1E

    XBR X800E

    XBR X805E

    XBR X806E

    XBR X807E

    XBR X850E

    XBR X855E

    XBR X857E

    XBR X900E

    XBR X905E

    XBR X907E

    XBR X930E

    XBR X940E

    XBR X945E

    XBR X947E

    All HDMI inputs

    HDMI 2 and 3 inputs


    XBR X850D

    XBR X855D

    XBR X857D

    XBR X930D

    XBR X935D

    XBR X937D

    XBR X940D

    All HDMI inputsAll HDMI inputs

    XBR X700D

    XBR X705D

    XBR X707D

    XBR X750D

    XBR X755D

    XBR X757D

    XBR X800D

    XBR X835D

    XBR Z9D

    All HDMI inputsHDMI 2 and 3 inputs


    XBR X850C

    XBR X855C

    XBR X857C

    XBR X900C

    XBR X905C

    XBR X907C

    XBR X910C

    XBR X930C

    XBR X940C

    All HDMI inputsAll HDMI inputs

    KDL W800C

    KDL W805C

    KDL W850C

    KDL FA95C

    KDL FA97C

    XBR X800C

    XBR X805C

    XBR X810C

    Not supportedNot supported