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General Information on the HDMI Functions of the 4K UHD Blu-ray Disc Player

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    HDMI® Functions

    What type of HDMI cable do I use for 4K content? We recommend using a 4K HDMI cable (High Speed HDMI Cable with 18 Gbps bandwidth) or a Premium High Speed HDMI cable.
    Can I playback HDR (High Dynamic Range) content to a non HDR TV? Yes, HDR features will be adjusted to SDR (Standard Dynamic Range) according to the TV type.
    Can I use HDMI OUT 1 (VIDEO/AUDIO) jack and HDMI OUT 2 (AUDIO ONLY) jack at same time? No. The HDMI OUT 1 jack is for both video and audio content, while the HDMI OUT 2 jack is for audio only. Use the appropriate HDMI jack depending on the intended use.

    Note: This player can output audio through a Bluetooth® device and HDMI output simultaneously.