Article ID : 00180264 / Last Modified : 08/20/2019

Android TV Screen Appears Darker When HDMI Input is Switched

    If this occurs when you switch to any HDMI® inputs, adjust the Android TV™ picture and screen settings.

    To adjust the settings on your TV:

    • Change the Picture Mode

      1. On your remote control, press the ACTION MENU button. 
      2. Select Picture adjustment.
      3. Select Picture Mode.
      4. Choose a picture mode that will brighten up the display.

        Note: If you feel that the screen is still dark after changing the Picture Mode, manually adjust the Brightness, Color, Light sensor, or other detailed settings under Advanced settings to your preferred brightness.

    • Reset picture and screen settings to default

      You can also reset the TV's picture and screen settings to default to improve picture quality.

      1. Press the ACTION MENU button.
      2. Select Picture adjustment.
      3. Select Advanced settings.
      4. Select Reset and press the right arrow button to highlight Reset, then press the ENTER button.
      5. Select Yes.

    Note: When the brightness settings of the connected device is darker than the TV's default setting, the display will appear darker. To adjust its settings, refer to the supplied manual.