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X850E and X900E Series Wall Mount Installation Information

    Before You Begin

    • Determine the strength of the wall for withstanding the weight of the TV.
    • Detach the table-top stand from the TV.
      Remove stand
    • To prevent damaging the surface of the LCD display, lay the display face down on a soft cloth on top of a stable work surface area that is larger than the TV.

    Wall Mount Hole Pattern and Screw Size

    Wall-mount pattern:

    • XBR-75X900E: 400 × 400 mm
    • XBR-75X850E: 400 × 300 mm
    • XBR-65X900E: 300 × 300 mm
    • XBR-65X850E: 300 × 300 mm
    • XBR-55X900E: 300 × 300 mm
    • XBR-49X900E: 200 × 200 mm 

    Wall-mount screw size:

    • M6 (8 mm-12 mm)
      Note: The length of the screw for Wall-Mount Bracket differs depending on the Wall-Mount.

       M6 screw

    Attach the Wall Mount Bracket Using the Screws Supplied with the Wall Mount

    attach wall bracket

    Note: If using an electric screwdriver, set the torque at 1.5 N-m (15 kgf-cm).

    Installing the TV Against a Wall or Enclosed Area


    Note: Make sure that the air circulation is not blocked around the TV.