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Android TV Picture In Picture (PIP) Feature

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    What Is Picture-In-Picture (PIP)?

    Picture in Picture (PIP) mode opens a video in a corner window of the screen when browsing within or between apps on your Android TV™.

    Below are examples of how the PIP mode works with your apps:

    • Move a video into PIP mode when you navigate back from the video to browse other content.
    • Switch a video into PIP mode while you watch the end of an episode of the video content. The main screen displays promotional or summary information about the next episode in the series.
    • Queue up additional content while you watch a video.

    The system chooses the top most layer of one of the four corners of your screen to display the PIP window. You can bring up the PIP menu to toggle from the PIP window to a full-screen, or you can hold down the HOME button to close it.

    PIP window

    Note: The PIP window will automatically close if another video starts playing on the main screen.