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General Information on the Wireless Speaker

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This article provides more information on the features and functions of the LF-S50G Wireless speaker.


Watch the VIDEO to learn more about the gesture controls or read through the FAQs provided below to learn more about the wireless speaker.

VIDEO: Wireless speaker gesture control guide

Can I control the volume level using touch-free hand gestures?

Can I reduce the volume of Google Assistant using gesture control?

Can I adjust the volume of the Google Assistant using voice command?

Can I use anything other than my hands when using gesture control?

Is the speaker magnetically-shielded?

Is my wireless speaker waterproof or splashproof?

Does the Music Center app support my wireless speaker?

Bluetooth® Connection

Can I use the Bluetooth function without a Wi-Fi® network?

I can't adjust the volume of my wireless speaker with a Bluetooth connected Walkman® device.

NFC™ Connection


How do I reset my wireless speaker?

I can't play Google Play Music.