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Error Code 300 Appears When Trying to Access the Hulu App

The error message may appear when you use the Hulu® app on your video device.

    The error code 300 message indicates a communication issue with the server and that the Hulu app is currently not available.

    Check if the video device still has an error code after completing each step:

    • Turn off and unplug your devices such as video devices, modems, and routers for approximately one minute, and then turn them back on.
    • If you are watching a video over a wireless connection, disconnect any other devices from your network.
    • Connect the video device directly to the router using a wired connection.
    • Use a separate modem and router if needed.
      • Connect your video device directly to the modem (not the router) using wired connection.
      • If a video starts to stutter or doesn't load, stop the video and then restart it from the Hulu menu.