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Connect your Alpha camera to a mobile device to record GPS information

    IMPORTANT: This article applies only to specific products and/or operating systems. Check Applicable Products and Categories for details.

    The Location Information Linkage feature of your α (Alpha) camera saves your location data on your images from a Bluetooth® connected mobile device.

    Getting Started

    1. On your mobile device, install the Imaging Edge Mobile app.
      • If your mobile device has an older version of PlayMemories Mobile, update the app to the latest version of Imaging Edge Mobile.
    2. Copy an image to your mobile device using the Send to Smartphone feature of the Imaging Edge Mobile app.
    3. Turn on the Bluetooth setting of your mobile device.
      • Check your device manual for model-specific information.
      • Don't connect the camera on Settings menu of the mobile device.
    4. On the camera, change the Pwr Save Start Time setting.

    Set up the Location Information Linkage Feature

    Pair your camera to the mobile device.

    1. On the camera, set the Bluetooth Function to On.

    2. Set the camera to Pairing mode.

    3. On your mobile device, launch the Imaging Edge Mobile app.
    4. Select Location Information Linkage.

    5. Select Set the camera.

    6. Under Paired Camera, select your camera model.
      • A check mark appears on the right side of the camera model.

    7. When Allow connection to the device? is displayed, select OK.

    8. On the camera, turn on Location Info Link.

    9. Half-press the shutter button to enter shooting mode.
      • On the mobile device, Connected with the camera appears under the camera model.

      • The Connected icon appears on the camera screen.

        Connected camera screen

    10. Take a photo.
    11. Press the playback button to display the image. The location information is shown on the image data overlay.

    Location Information Linkage is Lost

    The Disconnected icon appears when the Location Information Linkage is lost:

    • Location Information Linkage may not work when:
      • The camera enters power save mode.
      • The mobile device shuts off or goes to sleep mode.
      • The Bluetooth function of the camera or mobile device is turned off.
      • The camera or mobile device is moved beyond the Bluetooth range
      • The connected mobile device is unable to provide location information.

    Reconnect the camera.

    Camera Still Can't Reconnect

    Delete the camera's pairing information.

    1. On the mobile device, select Change the camera.
    2. Select your camera model.
    3. Tap on the three dots to open the options.


    4. Select Delete Pairing Information.
    5. Select OK.
    6. Repeat the camera pairing procedure.