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Can't See the Clock on My Smart Speaker

    Check if your LF-S50G Wireless Smart Speaker displays the clock after performing each step.

    1. Make sure your speaker is on.
    2. Press the DIMMER/RESTART switch at the bottom of your speaker.

      • Each press changes the brightness level among high, middle, low, and off.
    3. Make sure the grill is properly aligned to the speaker unit.

      Speaker Alignment

    4. The clock may stop appearing if your speaker disconnects from the network or if the network was off for more than one hour. If this happens, press and hold the DIMMER/RESTART button to restart your speaker.
    5. Your speaker may not receive time settings from the network if the clock and region settings of the mobile device used during the speaker setup don't match. If this occurs, follow the next steps:
      1. Make sure the clock and region settings of your mobile device match.
      2. Press and hold the MUTE button to perform a factory reset.
      3. Repeat the Wireless Smart Speaker setup procedure.