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Setup and Care for Your Sports Wireless Headphones

    We're here to help you set up, use, and care for your WF-SP900 Sports Wireless Headphones. Let's get started!

    Charge the Headphones

    Make sure to always charge the headphones after use so that they are fully charged when you are ready to use them again.

    Note: The charging case charges the earbuds up to two and a half times when you listen to music from the internal memory and up to three times when you listen from a paired device.

    1. Use a soft, dry cloth to wipe away any water (sweat, moisture, seawater, etc) from your headphones.

      • WARNING! The charging case isn't waterproof. Exposure to water, liquid, or moisture may damage the electrical contacts of the charging case.

    2. Insert the Leftand Rightheadphones into the charging case and close the cover.

    3. Connect the USB Type-C™ cable to the charging case and then connect the other end of the cable to a computer or a commercial USB AC adaptor.

      • Check the charging lamps on the case and headphones to make sure they are charging. The lamps turn off when the batteries are fully charged.

    Adjust the Fit of the Earbuds and Arc Supporters

    Your newly-purchased headphones come with M-size earbuds and arc supporters attached to the headphones. If the earbuds and arc supporters don't fit your ears, change them to ones that fit more securely.

    Your headphones come with additional standard-type earbuds, swimming earbuds, and arc supporters.

    • Standard-type earbuds come in sizes S, M, L, and LL. The dots at the bottom of the earbuds indicate the size.

      Standard earbuds

    • Swimming earbuds come in sizes S, M, L, and LL. The colors inside the earbuds indicate the size.

      Swimming earbuds

    • To detach the earbud, keep the headphone still and twist and pull it off.

      • Don't pull on the end of the earbud.

    • To attach an earbud, press the base slowly and mount it in one of the two mounting positions. Adjust the mounting position to improve the fit.

    • Arc supporters come in sizes S, M, and L. Molded letters indicate the size andLeft or Rightcompatibility.

      Arc supporters

      • To remove the arc supporter, pull it slowly from the base and don't pull on the end.

    Pair and Listen to Music from a Bluetooth® Device

    You can pair your headphones with a mobile device or computer and listen to music. Choose your device from the following list for additional instructions:

    Copy Music to the Internal Memory of Your Headphones

    You can listen to music without a paired Bluetooth device if you copy the file to the internal memory of your headphones. Below are several apps and methods of copying music:

    Operate Your Headphones Using the Headphones Connect or Music Center Apps

    Sync your headphone with the Headphones Connect or Music Center app to control the playback from a paired mobile device. If you don't already have one of these apps you can download and install them on your mobile device.

    • The Headphones Connect app for Apple iOS or Android OS mobile devices allows you to control the following settings:
      • Equalizer settings
      • Turn Ambient Sound Mode on or off
      • Ambient Sound Mode settings
      • Turn Quick Sound Settings on or off
      • Change Quick Sound Settings
      • Bluetooth connection
    • The Music Center app allows you to perform the following operations:
      • Play and pause music
      • Skip to the beginning of the previous track or the current track
      • Fast-forward and fast-rewind
      • Adjust the volume
      • Set Repeat and Shuffle playback settings.
      • Select a folder, playlist or album.
      • Switch the sound source between the internal memory or paired smartphone.

    Basic Operations

    • To increase the volume, quickly tap the Right tap sensor twice.

    • To decrease the volume, quickly tap the Left tap sensor twice.

    • Press the button on the Rightheadphone unit to control music playback and answer or reject a phone call:

      • During music playback:
        • Press the button once to play or pause.
        • Press the button twice to skip to the beginning of the next track.
        • Press the button three times to skip to the beginning of the previous track or the current track.
      • If you receive a call:
        • Press the button once to accept or end the call.
        • Press and hold the button for two seconds to reject the call.
    • Press the button on the Left headphone unit to change the Ambient Sound, Quick Sound, Bluetooth, and sound source settings.

      • Press the button once to turn Ambient Sound Mode on and off.
      • Press the button quickly twice to turn Quick Sound Settings on and off.
      • Press the button quickly three times to switch the sound source from the internal memory to your paired smartphone.
      • Press and hold the button for two seconds to turn Bluetooth on and off.

    Use Your Headphones Underwater

    Before using your headphones underwater, connect the leash cord and swap out the regular earbuds for swimming earbuds.

    WARNING! If you don't use the swimming earbuds, water may leak into the headphones and cause poor sound quality or water damage. 

    1. Remove the earbuds and attach the leash cord.

    2. Securely connect the swimming earbuds.

    3. If you wear swimming goggles, slip the leash cord under the strap.

    Cleaning Your Headphones

    To extend the life of your headphones, make sure to clean them and perform proper maintenance. A video tutorial is provided below about cleaning your headphones to keep them in optimal condition.