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The Touch Sensor Malfunctions and/or the Volume Decreases When I Move to a Cold Place

    The touch sensor control panel of your WH-1000XM3 headphones may malfunction, or display erratic behavior, if you quickly move to a cold environment. Erratic behavior may include the following:

    • Touch sensors may not work.
    • Touch sensors may operate by themselves.
    • Music playback may change tracks by itself.
    • Headphones may switch to Quick Attention Mode and the sound may decrease.

    If you experience these symptoms, restart (power cycle) your headphones to recalibrate the touch sensors. Press the power button to turn the headphones off, then turn it back on again. You may need to repeat this multiple times until the earcup reaches ambient outside temperature.

    Note: This issue occurs only when moving from warm to cold temperature, not when moving from cold to warm.