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How to display or turn off the cassette tape screen

    You can switch the player playback screen to display a screensaver like a cassette tape. While displaying the cassette tape screen, the player will automatically turn off within 10 minutes to save power.

    Display the cassette tape screen

    1. On the HOME screen, select the Music Player.
    2. Select the music you want to play.
    3. Select (Options).
    4. Tap the Display tape playback screen to check the check box. After a certain amount of time elapses without any button or screen operations on the playback screen, the display will switch to the cassette tape screen.

    Note: The type of cassette tape screen displayed varies according to the track being played.

    Turn off the cassette tape screen

    On the Music Player playback screen, select (Options) and tap the Display tape playback screen to turn off the check mark.