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What are the Dolby Atmos equalizer frequencies?

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    Topics covered in this article

    • I'd like to know the frequency values of the Music app equalizer.
    • What are the frequency values of each band in the Graphic Equalizer of Dolby Atmos®?

    Information / Solution

    The center frequencies for 10 bands in the equalizer are as follows:

    • 47 | 230 | 470 | 840 | 1.3k | 2.3k | 3.8k | 5.8k | 9k | 14k [Hz]

    To set the level for each frequency band of the equalizer:

    1. Open SettingsSoundAudio Settings.
    2. Tap Dolby Atmos. Make sure “Use Dolby Atmos” is turned on.
    3. Tap Advanced Settings to open the Graphic Equalizer.
    • To set the level of a frequency band, swipe it up or down.

    Note: The frequency values of each band are shown for reference as they don’t appear on the actual Graphic Equalizer screen.