Article ID : 00243417 / Last Modified : 05/07/2020

No sound from the headphones or only one side has sound

    Follow the steps below if there's no sound or sound only from one side of the earbud headphones:

    1. Reset the earbud headphones.
      • Your headphones retain the device registration (pairing) information.
    2. Turn up the volume of the connected device.
    3. Check that the connected device is playing music.
    4. Press the button on the left earbud one time during music playback to increase the volume.
    5. If you're using a mobile phone, play audio from another app.
    6. Check if the Bluetooth connection is established with the device you are connecting to.
    7. Charge your earbud headphones.
      1. Place the headphones in the charging case, and close the lid.
      2. Connect the charging case to an AC outlet or computer using the supplied USB Type-C™ cable.
    8. Initialize your headphones.
      • Initialization resets your headphones to the factory settings and deletes all pairing information. Delete the pairing information for the headphones from the device and then pair them again.