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Closed Caption/Subtitle

    IMPORTANT: This article applies only to specific products and/or operating systems. Check Applicable Products and Categories for details.

    Closed Captions are typically transcriptions of the audio portion of content displayed on the TV screen. They include sound effects and scenic narration, but whether non-speech elements are available depends on the content.

    Display Closed Captions on the TV screen

    The Closed Caption feature is enabled with the remote control using either of the following methods:

    • Press the MENU button to access the Control Menu, then select the CC/Subtitle option
    • Press the CC (Subtitle) button.

    Content for which Closed Captions are available is as follows:

    • TV broadcasts: Closed Captions may not be available for some TV broadcasts.
    • Apps: Whether a given app supports the Closed Caption feature depends on the app. As of February 2020, Google Play™ Movies & TV does support the Closed Caption feature. Some apps, such as Netflix® streaming services, enable Closed Captions by using their setting menu instead of pressing the TV remote control's CC (Subtitle) button. In addition, some apps can change the text size and color.
      • Visit the support site of the apps for detailed information, including how to enable features.
      • As of February 2020, the above information is confirmed. The specifications of Google Play Movies & TV and Netflix are subject to change without notice.

    Customizing the Closed caption for TV broadcast

    For Google TV™

    For Android TV™

    Enabling Closed Captions from the Settings for streaming and other content

    For Google TV

    For Android TV

    Note: You can also change the language, text size, and color of the text in this Captions menu.