Android TV software update information - Autumn 2020

    A major software update is scheduled to begin in November of 2020 for your Android TV™ model. This article explains new and enhanced features, and other changes provided with this update. Please note that some features may already be included on certain 2020 TV models.

    When you are ready to update the TV software, press the HELP button on the remote control, and then select System software update.

    Note: The software update is being rolled out in stages and may not yet be available for your TV. If you have Automatically check for update turned on, you will automatically receive a notification to update the TV when the software update is available.

    Applicable products

    • 2020 models: A8H, A9S, X800H, Z8H, X950H (55, 65, 75), X950H (49, 85), X850H series
    • 2019 models: Z9G, A9G, X950G, X850G (55, 65, 75, 85) series
    • 2018 models: A9F, Z9F series

    Features & Changes

    New Features

    1. Display hints for voice commands

    Hints for voice commands will be displayed on the TV screen by saying “Ok Google, Voice hints” to the TV (only for built-in MIC models) or saying “Voice hints” to the microphone on the remote control.

    These hints make it easier to understand what voice command should be used to perform an action on your TV.

    Voice hints screen

    Available languages (as of November 1, 2020)

    2. Voice commands supported in Input menu / Quick Settings / TV menu

    These functions are out of functionality. (As of September, 2023)

    3. Adds support for Apple TV app

    The Apple TV app on your TV lets you access Apple TV+ and premium Apple TV channels, and buy or rent over 100,000 movies and TV shows. You can subscribe to Apple TV+ on the Apple TV app on your TV, iPhone, iPad, iPod touch and Mac or at

    *Apple, Apple TV, iPhone, iPad, iPod touch, and Mac are trademarks of Apple Inc.

    Enhanced Features

    1. Easy settings for connected devices

    If you connect a device to the TV while the TV is on, the connected device will be detected and a notification will be displayed on the TV screen. From there, follow the setup wizard to easily configure the required settings. Especially for the PlayStation®4, settings for HDMI signal format and Picture mode will be completed automatically.
    Audio system connected to HDMI 3 (eARC/ARC) message with Close and Set up buttons

    2. Improved the display of HDMI devices on the Input menu

    After updating, only the HDMI inputs of connected devices will be displayed. (Except audio systems)
    HDMI input menu screen Before [A] and After [B] the update

    1. Before updating
    2. After updating

    3. Improved the usability of HDMI connected devices

    When an HDMI-CEC supported device is connected, an operation menu can be displayed by pressing the DISPLAY button.

    You can customize the menu to remove operations that are not commonly used.
    HDMI 1 menu - Customize menu to remove operations like Play, Stop

    4. Automatic addition of items in Input menu / Quick Settings

    Depending on your usage, frequently used apps have been automatically added to the Input menu, and frequently used settings have been automatically added to Quick Settings.

    5. Added Accessibility shortcut function to Quick Settings

    Shortcuts for TalkBack, Text magnification, and Screen reader have been added to Quick Settings, allowing you to turn those settings on and off directly.
    Color setting description - Adjusts the color tone by controlling the color saturation level

    6. Enriched Picture setting User Interface (UI) with descriptions and graphics

    The UI in Picture settings has changed so that each setting item has a visual explanation of available options.
    Device Preferences - Parental controls menu option

    7. Improved Parental controls

    You can limit the use of apps and TV usage time. (Screen time)

    Since both the time range and the length of restricted time can be set by parents, they can safely control their children’s video and game time.

    How to use Parental controls

    Press the HOME button, then select SettingsDevice PreferencesParental controls Channels & External inputs, Apps or Screen time.

    8. Improved TV menu / Guide

    If you press the TV button on your remote control to display the broadcasting channel list, detailed information about the current and next TV program can be displayed by pressing the (up) button.

    9. Improved Recorded Title List User Interface (UI)

    The Recorded Title List is now easier to use. For example, you can display the same TV program series in one folder.

    10. Improved notification menu

    When the battery level of the remote control becomes low, you will be notified in the notification menu (except for the XBR A9F and XBR Z9F series).

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    Other Changes

    1. World Wide (WW) standardization of language settings

    Language settings have been standardized WW, as with smartphones. Since the language setting applies to the voice search language as well as the User Interface language displayed on the TV screen, it has become easier for anyone to use the TV.

    2. Changed the Help screen

    The design of the Help screen that is displayed when pressing the HELP button on the remote control has been changed.
    Help screen Support information - Popular Topics - Product Alerts - Questions & Answers

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