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Answers to questions regarding Spatial Reality Display

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    These Questions and Answers explain frequently asked questions about the Spatial Reality Display, ELF-SR1. In addition, please also refer to the following Developer Site and article.

    Questions and Answers

    Q1. The screen is not displayed (the screen is black).

    Q2. What to do if an image or video doesn't appear to be 3D

    Q3. Sometimes an image or video doesn't appear to be 3D and doesn't follow my face (face detection is not working correctly).

    Q4. Sometimes an image or video doesn't appear to be 3D and takes a second to follow my face (face detection is working correctly).

    Q5. The screen is on, but there is no sound.

    Q6. This signal is not supported is displayed on the screen

    Q7. When displaying 2D text and images, the display looks blurred.

    Q8. What is the HDCP version?

    Q9. Can it be used as a normal computer monitor? (ELF-SR1 only)

    Q10. What is the USB version?

    Q11. Failed to find Spatial Reality Display device. is displayed, and the application doesn't start, there is no response on the Spatial Reality Display. (Even if the 3D content file generated by the SDK is executed on the computer.)

    Q12. Nothing happens when a 3D content executable file (generated by the SDK) is executed on the computer (the application created for the Spatial Reality Display doesn't start).

    Q13. What is Text to speech?

    Q14. What kind of DP (Display Port) cable can I use when using a commercially available HDMI cable? (ELF-SR2 only)

    Q15. What kind of USB Type-C® cable can I use? (ELF-SR2 only)

    Q16. Crosstalk (double image) is shown on some parts of the screen. (ELF-SR2 only)

    Q17. Unable to update the device firmware. (ELF-SR2 only)