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What are the features of the ILME-FX6 and how is it different from the PXW-FX9?

    Main features of the camcorder

    The compact and lightweight body suitable for professional video shooting, which is a feature of the FS5 series, is equipped with an FF Sensor that provides high video expressiveness and the latest Fast Hybrid AF. This enables shooting performance and video expression that was previously a challenge.

    Differences from the FX9

    There are differences in the video that can be shot, and in the expandability and usability of the camera.


    • The FF 4K sensor provides excellent sensitivity performance and enables 120 fps shooting in 4K.
    • The high mobility provided by a compact and lightweight body enables operation in a wide range of styles, from hand-held shooting to shooting using drones, etc.


    • The FF 6K sensor enables high-quality 4K recording with excellent perceived resolution and noise feeling by oversampling from 6K. The FX9 also has 4K resolution even in S35 mode, which enables 4K production using PL lenses that expand the range of video expression and compact zoom lenses that enable longer focal distances. The camera also supports Dual Base ISO.
    • By using the supplied arm, you can operate in a shoulder style that enables stable shooting for extended periods. (The FX6 does not have a compatible arm.)
    • Attachment of the XDCA-FX9 provides abundant expandability and enables use for a variety of applications including broadcast stations.
    • 4K 120 fps output by RAW output is also scheduled to be supported in the future.