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What Xperia devices support USB Host or USB OTG?

    IMPORTANT: This article applies only to specific products and/or operating systems. Check Applicable Products and Categories for details.

    You can connect USB® devices to your Xperia® device using a USB OTG (On-The-Go) cable. A USB OTG cable is sometimes referred to as USB Adapter cable or USB Host cable.

    Examples of how you can use USB devices with your Xperia device:

    • Back up files to a USB memory stick or an external hard drive.
    • Play music and videos stored on a USB stick or an external hard drive on your Xperia device.
    • Transfer photos or videos from your camera to your Xperia device (availability depends on camera), to save storage space on the camera, or show the photos or videos on the Xperia device.
    • Write documents, text messages, emails, tweets or Facebook updates using a computer keyboard.
    • Play games using a gamepad, for example, a PS3 or PS4 controller or a joystick.
    • Navigate your Xperia device using a mouse.
    • Use an Ethernet connection to connect your Xperia device to the internet, for example, if the Wi-Fi® connection is weak or unavailable.

    Note: Some USB devices may not work with your Xperia device.

    What you need

    • An Xperia device that supports the USB Host standard.
    • Depending on Xperia model, a Standard-A Female USB to Micro-C Male USB OTG cable, or a Standard-A Female USB to Micro-B Male USB OTG cable.
    • A file manager to access files if you want to transfer files. If there is no file manager pre-installed on your Xperia device, you can download one from the Google Play™ store.

    Note: Different Xperia models support different USB Host features.

    What are the different USB Host features?

    USB devices that you can connect to an Xperia phone or tablet are clustered into different groups or device classes.

    • HID = Human Interface Devices such as keyboards, mice or gamepads
    • USB mass storage = USB flash drives, memory card readers, digital cameras or external drives
    • Audio = USB speakers, USB microphones or USB audio DACs
    • USB Hub = USB hubs
    • USB Ethernet = Connect to an Ethernet port using a USB-to-Ethernet adapter

    Which USB Host features does my phone or tablet support?

    HID, USB hub, USB mass storage and Audio

    • Xperia L4
    • Xperia 10 II
    • Xperia 1 II
    • Xperia 5 II
    • Xperia PRO

      Tip: Mainly for developers, these models also support the Android USB host API. This means that they can be used to control USB Host devices from Android apps.