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Manually set the shutter speed, aperture, and ISO sensitivity when shooting a movie

    When Exposure Ctrl Type is set to Flexible Exp. Mode (Default setting)

    The Auto/Manual switching function is set to Custom Keys for the shutter speed, aperture, and ISO respectively.
    You can switch between Auto and Manual by pressing and holding the button.
    When set to Manual, the setting can be changed by operating the specified dial.

    The operating buttons (in the default settings) and operating dials are as follows.

    ModeAuto/Manual Swt. Set. (Default setting)Setting dial
    Shutter speedBottom side of the control wheel (Shutter)Control wheel
    ApertureC1 button (Iris)Front dial
    ISOC3 button (ISO)Rear dial

    In Flexible Exp. Mode, you can set the exposure like in the P/A/S/M Mode without switching the shooting mode by combining Auto/Manual.

    You can use the Flexible Exp. Mode in combination with Auto/Manual to get the same effect as the P/A/S/M Mode without having to switch the shooting mode.

    Flexible Exp. ModeShutter speedApertureISO
    Equivalent to P Mode (automatic exposure control)AutoAutoAuto/Manual
    Equivalent to A Mode (automatic exposure control)AutoManualAuto/Manual
    Equivalent to S Mode (automatic exposure control)ManualAutoAuto/Manual
    Equivalent to M Mode (automatic exposure control)ManualManualAuto
    Equivalent to P ModeManualManualManual

    When Exposure Ctrl Type is set to P/A/S/M Mode

    You can set the aperture with the front dial and the shutter speed with the rear dial. (Default setting)
    To change the ISO, select Exposure/ColorExposureISO sensitivity from the menu and change the setting.
    You can also register ISO sensitivity to the Custom Key or Fn menu.

    Note: C3 (ISO) does not work because it is not for ISO sensitivity but rather a function used in Flexible Exp. Mode called L.Press ISO Auto/Manual.