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No sound is output from the surround speakers.

    Check the following:

    • Check that the surround speakers are connected correctly and that their cables are firmly connected.
    • When using the wireless surround function, wireless LAN signals may be weak. Reorient the antenna, turn off the other wireless LAN devices, or relocate the speakers in a proper signal condition.
    • Turn up the volume of the surround speakers.
    • Depending on the combination of sound fields and playback sources, sound may not be output from the surround speakers. Try changing the sound field. For example, when playing 2-channel audio sources with a certain sound field, such as "DIRECT", sound is output only from the front speaker. You need to select another sound field.
    • For a Multi channel AV receiver, check that the speaker settings are appropriate for the setup using [Auto Calibration] or [Speaker Pattern] in the Speaker Settings menu.
      Then, check that sound is output from each speaker correctly using [Test Tone] in the Speaker Settings menu.