Article ID : 00269532 / Last Modified : 10/06/2021

How to use your Alpha or DSC camera to live stream with the USB streaming function

    The USB streaming function is available on the ZV-1, ZV-E10, and DSC-RX0M2 cameras only. Check your operation manuals for livestreaming compatibility using an HDMI connection or the USB port with Imaging Edge Webcam software.

    Before you start

    • You will need the supplied USB cable or a compatible equivalent.
    • If the power of the camera is turned on while the USB cable is connected, then USB streaming will not activate. Disconnect the USB cable, activate USB streaming and then reconnect the cable.
    • Adjust movie recording settings (focus, exposure, etc.) before you activate USB streaming as they are applied to the livestreamed video.
    • During USB streaming, power is supplied to the camera from the computer. To save computer power, set the USB Power Supply setting to Off on the camera.

    Steps to setup livestreaming

    1. Set the camera to a movie recording mode and set the desired exposure, focus, etc..
    2. Activate USB Streaming on the camera:

      Select MENU →  Camera Settings2 → USB Streaming.

    3. Connect the camera to the computer or other device with the USB cable or compatible equivalent.
    4. Start streaming from your livestreaming or web-conferencing service and adjust video and audio settings as needed.
    5. To exit USB streaming, press the MODE button or the center of the control wheel. The camera will return to the movie mode.