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Can't pair the Xperia PRO I with a Bluetooth remote control

    Please follow these steps to pair your Xperia® phone with a Bluetooth® remote commander manufactured by Sony® (sold separately).

    Note: GP-VPT2BT and RMT-P1BT can be used with this Xperia phone. Please also check the instruction manual of the compatible device.

    1. On your Xperia PRO I phone, launch Photo Pro or Video Pro.
      Note: Cinema Pro is not supported.
    2. Tap MENU for Photo Pro or the Settings icon for Video Pro.
    3. Tap Bluetooth remote control and tap the switch to enable the function.


    • On the Bluetooth remote commander, perform pairing.
      • GP-VPT2BT: Press and hold the PHOTO button (①) and the T side of the Zoom button (②) at the same time for at least 7 seconds.
        PHOTO button on the left side and Zoom button on the center
      • RMT-P1BT: Press and hold the Shutter-release/REC button (②) and the Focus/Zoom button (either the + button or the button (①)) at the same time for at least 7 seconds.

        Note: For details refer to the operating instructions supplied with the Bluetooth remote commander. Manuals are posted on your model support page.
    • On your Xperia phone, follow the on-screen instructions.
      Select PAIR & CONNECT and PAIR on the notifications and dialogs that appear multiple times when your Xperia phone detects the Bluetooth remote commander. The name of the Bluetooth remote commander may display as a Bluetooth address (numerals and letters).

      • The pairing information is erased when you perform a factory data reset. To use the Bluetooth remote commander, perform pairing again.
      • If the Bluetooth connection is unstable, remove obstacles such as people or metal objects between your Xperia phone and the paired Bluetooth remote commander.
      • If the function does not work correctly, check the following and try the pairing process again.
        • Confirm the Bluetooth remote commander is not connected to other devices.
        • Confirm you are not operating your Xperia phone using another Bluetooth remote commander.
        • Check if the Airplane mode of your Xperia phone is disabled.
        • Check if the Bluetooth® function of your Xperia phone is enabled.
        • Unpair the Bluetooth remote commander.
      • Once you pair it with the Bluetooth remote commander, you can operate both Photo Pro and Video Pro.
      • Turn the Bluetooth remote control function on or off individually for Photo Pro and Video Pro.
      • To change the name of the paired Bluetooth remote commander, find and tap the SettingsDevice connection, tap the Settings icon beside the name of the paired Bluetooth remote commander, and then tap the Edit icon.