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Why does the camera produce multiple shutter sounds when I take one picture?

    IMPORTANT: Not all cameras have the e-Front Curtain Shutter function. Check your camera manual for model-specific information. Manuals are posted on your model support page.

    If you hear multiple shutter activations (sounds), then the e-Front Curtain Shutter is set to Off.

    Depending on your camera, follow these steps to shorten the lag time between when the shutter button is pressed and when the shutter releases:

    • MENUShootingShutter/Silente-Front Curtain Shut.On.
    • MENU Camera Settings2e-Front Curtain Shut.On.
    • MENUCamera Settings2e-Front Curtain ShutterOn.
    • MENU Custom Settingse-Front Curtain Shut.On.

    Refer to the What Is the e-Front Curtain Shutter function? article for additional information.