Article ID : 00280469 / Last Modified : 10/10/2023Print

The Auto Power Off setting on the INZONE headphones doesn't work (INZONE Buds/INZONE H9/INZONE H7/INZONE H5)

    The Auto Power Off feature activates after the INZONE™ headphones aren't connected to a gaming device (computer or PlayStation®5) or any Bluetooth® device (smartphone etc.) for 5 minutes, and the headphones are not operated. However, the Auto Power Off feature will not activate under the following conditions:

    • When the headphones are connected to the PlayStation 5 with the USB transceiver, it goes into Rest Mode. To turn off the headphones, manually turn them off or disconnect the USB transceiver.
    • When the headphones are charging.

    Note: You can disable or change the time the Auto Power Off feature activates using the INZONE Hub software.