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TV image quality is not 4K when streaming

    The image quality on your TV may not appear in 4K for many reasons. Check the information provided to help resolve your issue.

    Before you start

    • Your TV must support 4K. If you're not sure, check your TV manuals or the specifications listed on your   .
    • Your streaming service must support 4K and you may have to subscribe to a specific plan to receive 4K content.
    • Your internet connection must meet or exceed the minimum speed requirements for streaming 4K content.

    Information and troubleshooting

    When streaming content, the resolution used to show the content on the TV screen is determined by the streaming app. In addition, screen resolution may vary and display higher when the connection speed is high or lower when the connection speed drops or becomes unstable. This part of streaming is managed by the streaming service to maximize the viewing experience and minimize content buffering on slow connections when higher resolution data cannot be sent continuously.

    1. Make sure the content you selected is streaming in 4K. You may be watching content with a resolution lower than 4K.
    2. Check your app settings. Certain streaming services allow you to choose (preset) a specific screen resolution their content is displayed on your TV screen. This may be for a specific video or for all content depending on how that option is implemented by the streaming service provider.
      Note: By default, some streaming apps use an auto preset that allows the app to dynamically set optimum screen resolution in relation to connection quality (speed). Connection quality may fluctuate and is typically lower in peak usage time, resulting in lower resolutions or content buffering. Presetting the app for 4K limits your content selection to only 4K content, but this doesn't mean all content is displayed in 4K.
    3. Make sure your internet connection is functioning properly. You could be experiencing a slow network, try resetting your modem/router by disconnecting its power for at least one minute, then reconnect power and wait for your modem/router to complete its connection to the internet.
    4. You may be able to display real-time monitoring of streaming parameters for connection speed or video resolution with certain streaming services like Netflix® and YouTube™.
      Note: These steps may vary, if you need specific information for navigating an app menu, refer to the app developer.
      • When viewing Netflix, press the Display button on your TV remote (not available on 2022 models) to display the current resolution being displayed.
      • When viewing YouTube, press the up arrow button on your TV remote to display the menu, then press the up arrow again, and then navigate and select Settings (gear icon). The video quality is listed at the top of the menu.