Article ID : 00286594 / Last Modified : 12/16/2022Print

The Web app won't start when connecting from an Android 11 tablet

    The Android 11™ operating system doesn't support the mDNS protocol needed to start the Web app and will not start even if you read the QR code or enter the QR code URL manually.

    Use a computer, tablet, or smartphone with the iPadOS 15 or Android 12 operating system (or later).

    To start the Web app on the Android 11 operating system, enter the following URL in the Chrome address bar: https://(IP address of the camera)

    Note: Follow these steps to confirm the camera IP address:

    • To display the IP address, connect the camera and video monitor via an HDMI cable, then use the Infrared Remote Control to select Camera MenuNetwork MenuWired LAN.
    • Start the Web app on a computer, tablet, or smartphone with another operating system (Android12, MacOS, iOS) and check the IP Address on the Camera Menu/web Menu.
      • Select Camera menuNetwork MenuWired LAN to display the IP address.
      • Select web menuNetwork Menu Wired LAN to display the IP address.