Make sure your Sony BRAVIA™ TV performs at its best

    Every TV requires some care and attention! Who doesn't enjoy being pampered every once in a while?

    Here are some tips to keep your TV clean and running smoothly, while also freeing up storage space.

    Cleaning tips and how to long-last your OLED screen

    Here are the tools and methods you need to enjoy vivid colors and sharp details without damaging your screen.

    OLED screen technology offers excellent black depth and contrast.
    Although rare, displaying the same image repeatedly or for a long time can damage an OLED screen.
    Find out more about “image retention” and the simple steps to prevent it.

    How to save energy and to free up TV storage

    Follow our power consumption tips to make your TV more energy-efficient, help the environment and reduce your next electric bill.

    Your TV is great at remembering what apps you’ve used recently so that you can switch between them immediately.
    However, it’s memory is limited, and might need an occasional clean-up.

    Reset your TV if it starts to overthink

    Is your TV stuck or not behaving as expected? In this article, we’ve described all the ways in which you can reset your TV.

    Keep your TV software up to date

    Set your TV to receive automatic software updates or update the software yourself via a USB stick.

    Remote control issues

    Quite often, remote control issues can be easily fixed by changing the batteries or adjusting the position of your soundbar, which might be blocking the infrared sensor on your TV. Check if you need a new remote or if you can fix the issue yourself.