ZV-1F: Adding variety to movies with slow and quick motion

    The ZV-1F makes it easy to shoot in slow or quick motion, which is useful for adding variety to your movies. Note that these movies are saved in XAVC S HD format, regardless of the setting in File Format, and no audio is recorded.

    1. Set the shooting mode to S&Q.
      Press the Still/Movie/S&Q button repeatedly until the icon in the upper left of the LCD screen changes to S&Q.
    2. Choose a speed: slow motion or quick motion.
      Playback speed depends on the combination of Rec Frame Rate and Frame Rate.
      MENU (Shooting) → Image Quality/RecS&Q Settings → Select your preferred setting in Rec Frame Rate and Frame Rate.
      The default setting is 2 times slower. For details on playback speeds for various combinations of frame rates, see the following page.
      S&Q Settings
    3. Decide on a shooting mode.
      The default setting is Intelligent Auto. Other options include Program Auto, Aperture Priority, Shutter Priority, and Manual Exposure. It’s easy to adjust this setting as needed from the function menu.
      For options other than Intelligent Auto, use the control wheel to change the aperture value and shutter speed.
      For Manual Exposure, press on the control wheel to switch between aperture and shutter speed settings, and turn the control wheel to adjust the value.

    Note: An interval shooting function is also available. On a computer, you can create time-lapse movies with the Imaging Edge Desktop (Viewer) application.

    Creating time-lapse movies

    All images used here are provided for illustrative purposes only.