ZV-1F: Livestreaming videos

    You can connect the camera to a computer or other device to use camera video and audio for livestreaming or web-conferencing services.

    1. Turn on the camera and the computer or other device you will connect, and then connect them with the USB cable supplied with the camera.
      Note: Use a cable or adapter that matches the terminal on the device you will connect.
    2. After the camera displays a screen for selecting the USB connection mode, select Live Stream(USB Streaming).
    3. USB Streaming : Standby appears on the camera, which switches to streaming standby.

    When you start streaming from your livestreaming/web-conferencing service, the status changes as follows: Standby → Output.
    To stop USB Streaming , turn off the camera or disconnect the USB cable.

    Also refer to the Help Guide.

    Livestreaming video and audio (USB Streaming)

    Note: Recommended livestreaming features

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