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Unable to turn on the 360 Spatial Sound Mapping

    If you are unable to turn ON the 360 Spatial Sound Mapping feature, check the following:

    • Follow the steps below if you have not completed an Auto Calibration:
      1. Select SetupSpeaker SettingsAuto Calibration Settings, then follow the on-screen instructions.
      2. After completing the Auto Calibration, set the 360 Spatial Sound Mapping feature to On.

      Hint: For details about the Auto Calibration function, refer to the AV receiver's product manual or Help Guide.

    • The 360SSM setting can't be used if the Bluetooth Mode is set to Transmitter and the AV receiver is connected to a Bluetooth device.
    • This setting can't be changed when headphones are connected to the AV receiver.
    • Follow the steps below to choose a speaker pattern that matches your speaker configuration:
      1. Select Manual Speaker Settings.
      2. Select Speaker Pattern from the Speaker Settings menu.
    • This setting is available when one of the following sound fields is selected:

      • Multi Stereo (except for 2-channel content)
      • A.F.D.
      • A.F.D. Movie
      • Audio Enhancer (except for 2-channel content)