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Bluetooth pairing fails with the BRAVIA Theater Quad

    If the Bluetooth® pairing fails, check the following:
    Hint: For information on how to pair with a Bluetooth device, refer to the product Help Guide.

    • Ensure the audio and source devices are not connected via Low Energy (LE) mode. If connected via LE mode, the Bluetooth connection may fail, or the sound may not be heard from the audio device. Make sure LE_ is not displayed on the connected devices in the Bluetooth settings. If not, pair and connect the devices without LE_.
    • Bring the audio and Bluetooth devices closer together and try pairing again.
    • The number of connected devices may have exceeded the device's Bluetooth connection limit. To fix this, delete one or more of the paired devices in the Bluetooth settings.
      Note: There are no Bluetooth connection limits with Android™ OS devices.
    • Move the audio system away from any device that generates electromagnetic waves, such as a wireless LAN device or a microwave oven, and try pairing again.
    • For a mobile device, try the following:
      • Set Airplane mode to ON, wait a few minutes and turn it OFF.
      • Make sure that another device is not currently connected to the mobile device via Bluetooth. If another device is connected, disconnect that device and try pairing again. Turning off the device or turning off the device's Bluetooth feature will disconnect the Bluetooth connection.
    • For an audio device, if the Wireless function is set to OFF, a Bluetooth device can't be paired or connected. Turn the Wireless function to ON and try the operation again.