Music Center for PC

    Playing High-Resolution Audio content (Music Center for PC Ver.1.0)

    High-Resolution Audio refers to content in a format with higher sound quality than the CD standard. Transfer High-Resolution Audio content to the library in “Music Center for PC”. Then, you can enjoy the content in high sound quality via the following devices:

    • A USB-DAC-compatible device
    • A High-Resolution-Audio-compatible device connected to a home network

    You can also play the High-Resolution Audio content on your computer. However, the sound quality may vary depending on the environment or the specifications.


    • If you transfer High-Resolution Audio content to a WALKMAN®, you can enjoy the content in high sound quality. (For the Walkman that is compatible with the High-Resolution Audio format only.)

    Playing High-Resolution Audio content via a USB-DAC-compatible device

    There are two methods of playback: “ASIO” and “Exclusive WASAPI”. Select a method according to your audio environment. If you select “ASIO”, install the appropriate Windows USB driver for the USB-DAC-compatible device. Download the USB driver for the USB-DAC-compatible device in advance. The USB driver is available on the support site.

    1. Connect a USB-DAC-compatible device to the computer.
    2. Select [Settings] from the [Tools] menu.
    3. Click [Audio output settings] (A). Then, select [ASIO] or [Exclusive WASAPI] (B) under [Output mode]. Select the driver corresponding to the connected device from the pull-down menu.
      Screenshot of [Audio output settings]. For details on the procedure, refer to the body text.
    4. When you click [Settings...] (C), a setting screen will appear. Select [Entrust setting: Automatically sets the optimal output format.] or [Manual setting: Allows you to set the output format of your choice (quantization bits, sampling rate).] (D) on that screen. Then, click [OK].
      Screenshot of [Settings: Output format]. For details on the procedure, refer to the body text.
    5. Click [OK] to close the setting screen. Then, start playback of High-Resolution Audio content.


    • If the content cannot be played back after the USB-DAC-compatible device is disconnected from the computer, perform the following steps:
      1. Select [Settings] from the [Tools] menu.
      2. Click [Audio output settings]. Then, select [DirectSound (standard)] under [Output mode].

    Playing High-Resolution Audio content on a computer

    The following settings are recommended when you play High-Resolution Audio content in “Music Center for PC”. You can enjoy content from speakers or headphones that are connected to the computer.

    1. Display the [Sound] screen.

      Click [Control Panel]. Then, select [Sound] under [Hardware and Sound].

    2. Select a speaker from the [Play] tab, and then click [Properties].
    3. In the [Advanced] tab, select [24 bit, 192000 Hz (Studio Quality)] from the pull-down menu for the default format, and then click [OK].


    • When you listen to High-Resolution Audio content via PC speakers, the output sound does not have the original sound quality. To play content in the original sound quality, connect a USB-DAC-compatible device to the computer.


    • If you cannot select [24 bit, 192000 Hz (Studio Quality)], select the largest numeric value on your computer. After you have changed the settings, launch “Music Center for PC” and play the High-Resolution Audio content.