Music Center for PC

    Saving a backup copy of data from “Music Center for PC” (Music Center for PC Ver.1.0)


    • Exit all software other than the “Music Center for PC” backup tool.
    • Do not put the computer in an inactive state, such as sleep mode, while you are saving a backup copy.
      The data may be lost or the backup may fail.
    • The larger the size of the content, the longer it will take to finish the backup.
    1. Select [Backup Data of Music Center for PC] from the [Tools] menu.
    2. Click [Backup Music Center data], and then click [Next >].

      [Limits and things to note] will be displayed.

    3. Read the [Limits and things to note] carefully, and then click [Next >].
    4. Select a target file for the backup of “Music Center for PC”.

      Select one of the following:

      • [Back up all content]:
        You can save a backup copy of all the content and playlists in “Music Center for PC”.
      • [Back up specified content]:
        Select from among the checkboxes for the following backup targets:
        • Music content purchased and downloaded
        • Music content imported from CD or file
        • Podcast content
    5. Click [Next >].

      The “Music Center for PC” backup tool will start searching for data to back up. When the search is complete, a dialog for specifying the destination will be displayed.

    6. Click [Browse...] and specify the destination for backup data.

      Specify the destination, and then click [OK].

    7. Confirm that the specified destination is displayed as the [Backup data save destination:], and then click [Next >].
    8. Select whether or not to divide the backup data.

      You can divide and save the backup data as a specific size. This is useful when you want to write the backup data to discs (such as CD-Rs or DVDs).
      If you want to divide the data, select the check box for [Divide and save backup data]. Then, specify the divided size of the backup data under [Set division size].


      • The data will be divided based on the designated size. Then, folders will be created in the same number as the number of data divisions. The folders are named “0001”, “0002”, and “0003”. The divided data is stored in the folders.
        If you write the data to discs (such as CD-Rs or DVDs), write these folders to each disc.
    9. Click [Next >].

      The input screen for the backup data name will be displayed.

    10. Enter a name for the backup data.

      Enter a name for the backup data.
      You can enter text in [Memo:] and confirm the text when you restore the data.

    11. Click [Next >].

      The data writing screen will be displayed.

    12. Confirm the message, and then click [Start].
    13. When the backup is complete, click [Exit].