How to connect to a VAIO® computer to a wireless network (Infrastructure mode)?

    Each computer in the network uses a router or access point to handle all data transfer and network traffic. You can easily access a wired network, whether it is a LAN or the Internet. For most home networking purposes, infrastructure mode is the best choice.

    There are two ways setup a wireless connection with your VAIO computer. You can either launch:

    1. VAIO Wireless Wizard
    2.Help and Support (VAIO Tutorials - > Network and Sharing -> Connecting to wireless network)

    VAIO Wireless Wizard is a program that will automatically setup your VAIO notebook to a wireless network while Help and Support provides a Guided Help approach for connecting to your wireless network.

    To configure your computer to communicate with a wireless router, follow these steps:

    1. Make sure a wireless router is set up. See the instructions that accompanied the access point for more information.
    2. Make sure the Wireless LAN option is turned on.
    3. Click Start in the Windows taskbar, click Connect to.
    4. Click the appropriate network name.
    5. Click Connect.
    Some networks may require a password to be entered before you are able to connect to the existing network.

    How to connect a VAIO computer to a wireless network (Adhoc mode)?

    An ad-hoc network is a local network created only by the wireless devices themselves, with no other central controller or access device. Each device communicates directly with other devices in the network. For example, you can set up an ad-hoc network easily at home to communicate between two computers.

    To configure your WLAN connection without an wireless router, follow these steps:

    1.On the WLAN device dialog box, click the Configure WLAN link.
    The Manage wireless networks window displays.
    2.Click the Add tab.
    3.Click Create an ad hoc network.
    The Set up a wireless ad hoc network window displays.
    4.Click Next.
    5.Enter a Network name (SSID).
    You can choose a 32-digit alphanumeric name. If you want to communicate between two or more computers, you need to configure all these computers using the same network name.
    6.Select a Security type from the drop-down box.
    7.Enter a Security key/Passphrase.
    8.Select Save this network (optional).
    9.Click Next. Your Network name appears in the Manage wireless networks window display.

    Your computer is ready to communicate with another computer.

    To disconnect from a computer-to-computer (ad-hoc) network, click Configure WLAN on the WLAN device dialog box, select the Network Name in the Manage wireless networks area, click Remove, and then click OK.