Touch Screen and User Interface - DSC-TX1

    A simple touch
    Newly redesigned for more intuitive operation, DSC-TX1’s Touch Screen display offers the ultimate in viewing pleasure. This great new Cyber-shot inherits the same “Touch-it” functionality for shooting and viewing as previous models and offers other conveniences as well, such as flick-to-scroll playback and one-touch access to the easy-to-read MENU. The display also features improved readability thanks to new coloured icons and intelligently designed menus.

    For a more personalised shooting experience, you can also customise the display. Just drag and drop icons of frequently used controls, such as for flash and ISO sensitivity, to enhance usability. In addition, the highly responsive screen allows effortless operation even while wearing gloves or when using the supplied Paint Pen.
    Handy, one-touch access
    Easy access to the many convenient shooting modes is a given with TX1. Simply press MODE and choose from seven settings, including Intelligent Auto mode, Burst Shooting, Hand-held Twilight mode, Anti Motion Blur mode and Sweep Panorama. The setting currently in use is displayed on the screen so you’ll know at a glance if the camera is properly adjusted to capture the moment.
    MENU screen (shooting) Shooting mode screen
    Custom screens for enhanced usability
    Speed access to frequently used shooting and playback functions by customising the screen according to your preference. A simple drag-and-drop operation is all it takes.
    Sample shooting menu for entry-level users Sample shooting menu for advanced users
    Image Size
    Smile Shutter
    White Balance
    “Touch-it” zoom
    Have a closer look at your photos at up to 8x magnification. Simply touch the area you want to view, then adjust magnification with the handy icons. Moving your finger over the display allows you to reposition the enlarged image.
      Touch and zoom.   Move your finger across the display to reposition the enlarged image.
    “Touch-it” playback
    Switch off icons for a clean, uncluttered view. Even when icons are off, you can easily browse through photos by flicking on the display either right or left. A light flick displays photos one at a time while a firmer flick lets you quickly skip through multiple photos. Continuously pressing on the display shows photos consecutively until you remove your finger.
    “Touch-it” auto focus
    Keep your main subject in razor-sharp focus by simply touching it on the display. To focus on a person, just touch the face. For a subject that is not a person, touch it and the auto focus frame automatically appears to confirm the focus area.
    Fill the whole screen with wide zoom display
    Enjoy the enhanced view provided by wide zoom display. Simply press the icon on the Touch Screen to fill the LCD or connected wide-screen TV with your image. Utilising the same 16:9 aspect ratio of wide-screen televisions, this great function can even be used with photos shot at 4:3 or 3:2 aspect ratios, allowing you to experience all your memories in full wide-screen splendour.

    Note: Movies are displayed at the 4:3 aspect ratio.
    Durable, hardened-glass display
    The display contains a layer of hardened glass that makes it twice as durable compared to that of DSC-T90, and assures a cleaner view as well.

    Note: The hardened glass does not affect scratch resistance.