Scene Selection - DSC-TX1
New Pet mode ? Natural, expressive photos of your lovable pets
Your pets are precious, and capturing them at their charming best has never been easier with new Pet mode. Utilising Motion Detection to minimise blur and disabling flash for a more natural ambience, this mode assures you of sharp, lifelike photos of your home’s more adorable creatures. In addition, illumination used for red-eye reduction and auto focus are also automatically disabled to prevent startling pets immediately before the shot. The end results are adorable photos that your entire family will cherish for generations.
Reduce blur of pets in motion
Motion Detection determines if the camera should automatically adjust ISO setting.
Avoid startling pets
Illumination for red-eye reduction and AF is automatically disabled.
Emphasise adorable dark eyes
Flash is automatically disabled.
12 scene selection modes available!
Convenient Scene Selection modes let you easily create beautiful images in almost any type of setting. Whether photographing friends at twilight, natural beauty at beach resorts, or fireworks in the night sky, the results are as spectacular as the scene you are shooting. Also included is High Sensitivity mode, which automatically selects the best ISO setting to allow a high shutter speed in any situation. Without using a flash, you can shoot outdoors at twilight or inside dimly lit restaurants and achieve clear, natural results. There is also Gourmet mode for obtaining mouth-watering photos of culinary delights, and new Pet mode that makes it a breeze to capture naturally expressive snaps of your adorable pets.
High Sensitivity
Shoot without flash in low-light reducing blur
Soft Snap
Shoot subject with soft background
Twilight Portrait
Shoot portraits in low light with flash
Shoot low light scene without flash
Shoot landscapes with distant focus
High-speed shutter
Shoot moving subject to stop action
Shoot waterside scene with rich blue colour
Shoot whitish scene brightly
Shoot fireworks in all their splendour
Shoot underwater scenes with vibrant, natural results
Shoot cuisine with ideal colour & clarity
Capture natural, expressive photos of pets