DSC-TX1 - 720p HD Movie
    Beautiful photos and HD movies from one camera
    Shoot both high quality photos and movies with the DSC-TX1. This compact, high performance Cyber-shot delivers superb photos and HD movies, making it easy to fulfil all your imaging requirements without the need for separate still and video cameras. Simply press the movie icon on the Touch Screen to switch between photo and movie modes. Both modes utilise a Memory Stick to store photos and movies. Movies are saved in the efficient MPEG-4 format, resulting in outstanding image quality and small files — great for viewing in full HD splendour or uploading to web sites. You can also view content on PCs with bundled PMB (Picture Motion Browser), the truly easy way to manage and access your photo and movie collection.

    This new Cyber-shot also features a more intuitive user interface thanks to an improved Touch Screen. A quick flick of your finger across the screen and menus open instantly — a nice touch for speeding access to camera settings so you never miss a moment.
    Capture unforgettable moments in photos and movies
    Superb HD image quality
    The TX1 produces high definition movies using the MPEG-4 format*. Boasting a resolution three times higher than SD movies, the richly detailed results reveal breathtaking clarity and stunning colours.

    * MPEG-4 format (MPEG4 Visual codec), Main Profile, 30 fps (approx.), Progressive, MP4/AAC
    SD Movie vs. 720p HD Movie
    Three recording modes match playback needs
    Compact and highly portable, the TX1 delivers great performance despite its small size. The 4 GB Memory Stick can record up to 60 minutes* of high quality HD movies. When you want to record more, just pop in another Memory Stick. Three different recording modes are available depending on your needs: Fine mode for crisp, highly detailed HDTV playback; Standard mode for medium quality HDTV playback; and VGA mode for optimal delivery over the Internet.

    * Approximate. Fine mode, 1280 x 720 pixels, 9 Mbps (highest quality). Maximum recording time for one movie file is approximately 29 minutes. Maximum movie file size is approximately 2 GB.
    Movie Size Average Bit Rate/Second Use
    720 FINE Fine
    1280 x 720 pixels
    9 Mbps

    Highest quality for
    playback on HDTV

    720 STD Standard
    1280 x 720 pixels
    6 Mbps

    Standard quality
    for playback on HDTV

    640 × 480 pixels
    3 Mbps

    Quality suitable
    for uploading to web

    4x Optical Zoom
    Shoot movies with 4x optical zoom
    Sony technology teams with world renowned Carl Zeiss optics for cutting-edge optical performance. Working in tandem with the TX1’s “Exmor R” CMOS Sensor to produce brilliant, lifelike movies is the Carl Zeiss Vario-Tessar lens. Its tack-sharp 4x optical zoom provides outstanding coverage while Smart Zoom increases magnification up to a stunning 22x. Thanks to the folded-path lens system, you can shoot close-up still photos in Macro mode from as near as 1 cm from the subject.
      4x optical zoom
    “Exmor R” CMOS Sensor
    Great low-light performance
    Shooting movies underwater and in other low-light environments present special problems, especially in terms of brightness. The TX1’s “Exmor R” CMOS Sensor helps solve this by providing twice the sensitivity and half the noise of previous cameras equipped with other types of CMOS sensors. The end results are brighter, better looking movies even when shooting in dimly lit settings.
    Low-light environments
    Dimly lit interiors