Article ID : S1F0736 / Last Modified : 08/13/2019

Information About the Auto+ Mode

    What is the AUTO+ mode?

    The AUTO+ is the advanced version of the AUTO mode with enhanced usability.

    With the AUTO mode, the camera automatically adjusts the aperture, shutter speed, ISO sensitivity, white balance, etc. according to the shooting conditions or scenes.

    With the AUTO+ mode, the camera automatically selects the optimum shooting options from various modes and functions, such as Continuous adv., Auto HDR, or Hand-held Twilight, according to the recognized scenes and shooting conditions, allowing you to easily shoot the best images in any situation.

    mode dial

    When Continuous adv. (3 shots), Auto HDR (3 shots), or Hand-held Twilight (6 shots) is selected, the number of shots is displayed on the LCD screen.

    Auto+ mode sample display

    The mode or function selected by the camera is displayed prior to capturing the image. This allows you to easily confirm the settings best suited to each scene, and helps you improve your photographic skills.

    Scenes and shooting functions recognized in the AUTO+ mode

    In the AUTO+ mode, the camera judges the shooting scenes and conditions via the Face Detection function, information from sensors, the result of analysis of the displayed image, etc.

    Scenes recognized in the AUTO+ mode

    The camera uses scene recognition to automatically select the optimum function to capture the image. For example,

    • Auto HDR or Daylight Sync. for backlit scenes.
    • Hand-held Twilight, Slow Sync, or Slow Shutter for night scenes (The camera automatically judges whether the camera is handheld or on the tripod.)
    • Continuous shooting mode for scenes difficult to focus on, such as when following and shooting a moving subject or shooting swaying flowers in the macro mode.

      * You can also set the camera not to shoot continuously by setting Auto+ Cont. Advance in the custom menu except when Hand-held Twilight or Auto HDR is selected.
    Auto+ Cont. Advance

    Auto : Shoots continuously and automatically.

    Off : Does not shoot continuously.

    With the continuous shooting mode or Auto HDR, the camera instantly compares each shot based on the focus status or the result of the HDR combination, and saves the best one. (Auto+ Image Extracting function)

    * You can also set the camera to save all shots by setting Auto+ Image Extract. in the Custom menu.

    Auto+ Image Extract

    Auto : Saves an appropriate image evaluated by the camera.

    Off : Saves all images.

    However, when Hand-held Twilight or Auto HDR is selected, the number of images to be saved is fixed as below since recorded shots are automatically combined.

    • Hand-held Twilight : 1 image (6 continuous shots are combined)
    • Auto HDR : 2 images (1 best-exposed image of 3 continuous shots, and 1 image with 3 shots combined)