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Direct Copy USB Compatibility Information

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Direct Copy Compatibility Requirements for USB Media

  • Direct Copy is compatible with USB media that meets the following requirements*1
    • USB media that meets the USB2.0 requirement.
    • External HDD or USB memory must be under 2TB.
    • It is recommended the external HDD uses an AC power connection.
    • USB media must be formatted in the FAT32 file system. If the USB media is not in FAT32 file system, reformatting is required and all data will be erased.
  • When using Direct Copy, the Sony® Handycam® camcorder should be connected to AC power.
  • USB connecting cable VMC-UAM1 is required (sold separately) .
  • Connection via USB-hub is not supported.

*1 There may be cases when USB media is not compatible with Direct Copy even when all of the above is satisfied.

USB Media

  • We recommend the use of Sony External Hard Drives. Alternately, there are other vendors on the market who have independently verified the Direct Copy feature is compatible with their hard drives.
  • For details on those products, please refer to that vendor's website.
  • Sony does not guarantee the information posted on the website of a vendor.