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How to connect an MHL device to a TV using an MHL cable.

    MHL is a technology that enables the TV to communicate with an MHL compatible device. When connecting the MHL compatible device, the TV has the ability to charge the connected device and display photos, play music or show videos. The remote supplied with the TV can also control the MHL compatible device.

    MHL connection diagram

    Steps to connect the MHL device to the TV

    1. Connect the smaller end of the MHL cable to the MHL device.
    2. Connect the larger end (HDMI) end of the MHL cable to the HDMI input on the TV that supports MHL.
    3. Turn both of the devices on.
    4. From the menu of the TV, set Auto Input Change (MHL) to On so that the TV automatically switches to the MHL input when an MHL compatible device is connected. The Auto Input Change (MHL) setting may not work if the MHL compatible device does not support the feature.


    • Some MHL compatible smartphones will allow you receive calls or text while the phone is connected to the TV using an MHL cable.
    • Some remote control functions will not be available. This functionality is strictly based on the settings and capabilities of the MHL compatible device.
    • Not all TVs have a Mobile High-Definition Link (MHL®) input. Check the manual supplied with your TV to see if it has an MHL input. If the TV does not have an MHL input, we recommend using an MHL-to-HDMI adaptor.
      1. MHL adaptor conneciton diagram
      2. Connect the MHL device to an MHL-to-HDMI adaptor, and connect the adapter to a USB power supply.
      3. Connect the adapter to a TV using a HDMI® cable. The MHL icon appears on the status bar of the MHL device after a connection is established.
      4. Set the TV to the HDMI input. The TV launcher application starts automatically. Follow the instructions on the screen of the MHL-device to view media files on the TV.